I'm really liking the Alexander McQueen's fall 09.  I love the classic Asian / Japanese patterns and cuts that emphasize the neck.   The milliner in me is digging on the headwear.  Did I mention the fetish look of the accessories?  Enough said.


This Little Black Dress from treehouse 28 has been on my "must have" list for a while now.  I finally ordered it.  It should be here sometime next week.

I really love the entire line.   The simple color palette can easily be worked into anyone's wardrobe and the clean, feminine lines of each garment are perfect for layering.


New Beginnings

About half a year ago I deleted all the posts I made to this blog.  I don't recall if I did it intentionally or accidentally, but I do believe that a clean slate was the motivation.
I have kept up with the links of other blogs I have in the sidebar on almost daily basis and the lack of my own imprint always left me feeling a little odd.  Let's just say that starring at a blank page is not exactly inspiring
Alas, six month later, with the new year, new president and a new computer, I decided to give it another try.   We'll see how it goes this time around.