I have always loved dark nail polish colors, black and deep deep red among my all time faves.
Metallics too, I won't lie.

Needless to say, when I came across KnockOut cosmetics Flatte line, I nearly died.

How awesome is this? And how cool is the little pinky tattoo?

Check out the pool color. Yeah, I'd totally wear that.

And of course the black one for good measure ...

The best part? These punk rock lovelies are cruelty-free.
At $19 a pop they'll make a special treat for the long [hot] days in my studio.

Anyone here tried them yet?


AW09 collection preview.

You can win this leather collar before it hits our website.
For more details visit the lovely Dramatis Personae

Shop update coming soon.


O.K. Time out!
It's starting to get personal.


La Garconne is officially messing with my head.

STOP with the yellow shoes awesomeness. STOP!
Or at least tell me where to get them.

Officially dying from Gray/Yellow overload.
Thank you.

My trusted Adler.

Snapped while cleaning out the studio.


Love this asymmetrical dress by UNDER.LINGE
Very flattering drapes and subtle lines. Looks super comfortable.

The yellow shoes are killing me.

And this gray one ... ? Yes please!!! [ still obsessing with that color]

via La Garconne, of course