I have always loved dark nail polish colors, black and deep deep red among my all time faves.
Metallics too, I won't lie.

Needless to say, when I came across KnockOut cosmetics Flatte line, I nearly died.

How awesome is this? And how cool is the little pinky tattoo?

Check out the pool color. Yeah, I'd totally wear that.

And of course the black one for good measure ...

The best part? These punk rock lovelies are cruelty-free.
At $19 a pop they'll make a special treat for the long [hot] days in my studio.

Anyone here tried them yet?


Ms. B said...

Ooh, a new brand of nail polish to look at, thank you! I love the bottle design, they look like the nail polish bottles from long ago with the long tops/brush handles. I like the Deco scalloping on the bottle too. I'm so weird, only I would notice the design of a nail polish bottle :/



Marketa New York said...

Oooh, I'm glad you noticed the bottle design Jennifer. I've been admiring it as well. Just a superb product all around.

Michael St. James said...

Love's it! My faves are black and silver! I've never seen a pinky tatt...kinda cool!