I'm a little  behind schedule with the site's completion.   Honestly, I thought I was going to launch this past Wednesday, instead I ran into some technical difficulties.

I struggled all week with the lighting and photo editing.  Trying to get the colors right was really really difficult.

At last some progress.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.


I have been tagged by the lovely RosiePop  

What is your current obsession?

Product photography and proper lighting.   Metallic textiles + strobe lights = nightmare, if you ask me.

Do you nap a lot?

Not really.  I get plenty of shut eye at night.  I sleep like  a champ.

What color is your bedding?


What's for dinner?

I'm making my version of Macella Hazan's  Ragu.  Some salad and red wine of course.  We have a dinner guest that will supply dessert.   Don't think I cook like that every night.

What was the last outfit you bought?

Let's see, I think it was a silk dress by Grey Ant that I purchased on the internet.  On "final sale". As in "no returns or exchanges".  Sadly the fit is all too wrong for me, and serious alterations will be required.   File this one under lessons learned.

What are you listening right now?

Getting psyched for Leonard Cohen on May 17th, so I've got him on the loop these days.

What is your favorite weather?


What's in your bathroom cabinet?

Ahhh, seriously need to edit all the stuff that clutters our bathroom shelves.  Right now I have slight addiction to Ren Skincare, so there are several products from this amazing line, nail polishes from Sephora given to me by my niece, about 7 different shades including Brunette on the Internet, Never Enough Shoes, I'm with Brad and Metro Chic...  Gotta love the names they come up with. Let's see, Aveda products for curly hair... can't think of anything more at the moment and don't feel like getting up.  Just like RosiePop said, I could go on and on ...

Say something to the person who sent you this...

Hi :)  Thanks for all your support and feedback Lovely Lady.  It truly means a lot.

If someone gave you a house, where would it be?

This one's easy.  I'll take one in the Village in New York, then one in Tokyo, Rome, then there is this beach town just north of San Francisco, I think Stinson?  Oh, and a house in Prague would be much appreciated as well, preferably in the section bellow Vysehrad,  one of those amazing cubist villas like this one, pretty please.  Madrid and Barcelona would be nice too, thank you very much.  And a ranch around Marfa or Marathon TX, close to Big Bend National Park.

Name the things you can't live without.

Good red wine, good cheese, Italian food, the ocean.

What is your favorite tea?

Japanese green tea, and barley tea.

What would you like to get rid of?

Our neighbors.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?


What did you want to become as a child?

I honestly don't remember.

What do you miss?

Warm weather

What are you reading right now?

In between books.  Just finished Naoko.  I'm not sure what I'm picking up next.

What designer piece of clothing would you most like to own?

At the moment I'm eyeing this crinoline tie dress by Gary Graham

Will you have plastic surgery /  botox etc?

Ask me that on again in 10 years ;)

What is important to you about your underwear?

Comfort, support [I'm talking bra here], good fit, shape, sexy material, support, how it looks under clothes, did I mention support?  Yes, I need a lot of support to hold up the tatas.  [Hi Darlene!]

What is your wardrobe staple?

BLACK-LEATHER-BOOTS.  Mid calf, ankle hight, thigh high, high heels, chunky heels, flats...etc...   I'll take 10 pairs of each please, size 6.5

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2. Tag someone un-tagged, or pretend that you never even heard of the person tagging you and ignore the request.  Then, as a way of defiance, sign them up to as many mailing lists to your favorite sites with the hopes that they will buy you something cool.

I tag DarleneAshe, and Frenchie


One of my favorite characters from one of my favorite movies.
Now one of my favorite soaps.

Love the color, love the scent.
Thank you Savor.  I think I will be trying this one next.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this suit by Norma Kamali.

I really wish I had the kind of body that would allow me to order clothes from the internet.  If I had no chest, that baby would be mine.   However that is not the case.  I must go on a quest to seek this sexy number in person and hope that it fits.


WOW.  I ended up browsing the site and made some amazing discoveries.  Not only do they have a "Try before you buy program" , [Hello, I am impressed and all over it] but they also have these...

Well Hello there, summer!  You're right around the corner.