January is usually quiet around these parts.
The Holidays are over, the mad rush leading up to them included.  Our schedule returns to a manageable routine.

Each year I welcome this down time.  It gives me a chance to reflect on my work and take an honest look at what changes need to be made.
Cleaning and reorganizing of the workspace is usually at the forefront, and this year is no different.
Alas, I have turned my studio upside down in hopes of finding a better work groove.
Right now everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is piled up on my cutting table and random objects take up most of the floor space.  I'm hoping to sort through that messy pile by the end of this week in order to return the space to more suitable work environment.

See you when I'm done...


Yes please.  I will take a pair in US 6.5

The black ones too, if I may.

Of course I realize how long it will take me to buckle all the straps.  I promise, I-WILL-GET-UP-EXTRA-EARLY!!!
For real.  

Just look how great they look on!!! Love love love.

But if you're really worried that I will continue to sleep in despite my promise, I'll settle for the easy on elastics.

Western Buckle Wedge by Chloƫ Sevigny for Opening Ceremony via La Garcone


Our scarflettes are now available at Alibi in Nolita, 241 Mulberry Street.

It's is a gem of a boutique that showcases independent jewelry and accessory lines.
Stop in if you're in the neighborhood.