Oops, it's been a while.   My apologies, but things have been a little crazy here lately.
Tax stuff, shipments, production, marketing, payment collection, administrative work, getting a year older, etc. etc. etc. ... won't bore you with those details.
In the midst of all of that, I decided to update my website.  Nothing major, I just felt that it needed a little "face lift".  Initially I thought that a simple color and font change would do the trick.   I made an attempt to tweak the existing template myself.  It- did -not- work.
To make a long story short, nothing major turned into a complete site overhaul that required the help of a professional.  The system had to be reprogrammed with up to date software [turns out the site lived in the dark ages]   We decided a new template was needed to achieve the look I was going for,   In the end, I even ended up changing my logo.  
I have a lot to learn about the functionality and back end of the new system.  Mainly I need to get used to the image application and store layout, but that shouldn't take too long.
I'm really happy with the way it turned out and can't wait to upload the the new collection into the store.   Once I'm done photographing it.   And, as we all know, that is a project onto it's self.

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