The weather forecast for the next 4 days in not making me very happy.

I dread the arrival of cold rainy season more and more each year.
Then studio gets cold, damp and dark, and my mood follows suit.

Only highlight is that I get to wrap my body in layers of warm and cozy garments. So what if resemble a crazy hobo. I'm warm, I'm functioning, and best of all, the Mr. doesn't have to listen to me bitch about how freaking cold I am.

In order to preserve my sanity and get through at least today, I am compiling my wish favorites for the upcoming wintery chill.
All via Etsy

Really love this Coal Black Artisanal Wool Coat no. 1 by Patricia Ayers (also in gray and brown)

Simple lines, careful balance between rugged and feminine styling, couture detailing.
The flirty opening at the shoulders seals the deal for me. Notice how well it looks with a sexy neck ruff. Would look amazing with any of these scarflettes, no?

Patricia is also the talent behind artLab. I've been a fan of her work for a long time.

And who would not want to be wrapped in this lovely asymmetrical number by YY Studio?
It has enough material to do my hobo look in style.
Added bonus, it somewhat reminds me of this royal coat.

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